Ease of use

Standard features assisting the maintenance of QuickSun 650

Reference module loader

  • Reference module loader is integrated in the module loading lift
  • Simulator can be regularly calibrated fully automatically.
  • Reference module is stored securely.
  • Up to two modules can be used for calibration.
  • Automatic procedures for loading and unloading from the machine.

Different module sizes

  • Module handling inside the system is easily adjusted to accommodate different module sizes.
  • Quick-lock handles and rulers make the adjustment straightforward.

EL camera focusing

  • EL cameras are equipped with software controlled autofocus.
  • Autofocus works with NIR light reliably.

Automatic irradiance non-uniformity measurement and adjustment

  • Inbuilt X-Y stage is used to measure irradiance non-uniformity automatically.
  • Number of measurement points is customizable.
  • Lamp adjustment is also automated leading to a reliably maintainable class A+ non-uniformity.

Maintenance cameras

  • The operator has view of the interior of the machine which helps to quickly resolve any issues.