QuickSun® 800-Series

versatile module testing

Economic tunnel or tower simulator for manufacturing, laboratory, and mobile applications

QuickSun 800-Series solar simulators offer a value packed solution to PV module testing. Class AAA solar simulator and high resolution EL inspection can be integrated as a single horizontal tunnel or vertical tower system. Just place the module in and connect the cables, and the system provides both the I-V characteristics and EL image within seconds – ready for automatic reporting or further analysis.

Depending on your application, the smallest QuickSun 810A can measure modules up to 0.8 x 1.3 m² while saving space with the most compact tunnel/tower. QuickSun 820A can measure modules up to 1.15 x 2.1 m², and QuickSun 830A up to 1.4 x 2.3 m².

  • I-V measurement and EL inspection within seconds with minimal module handling
  • The most cost-effective solution for standard PV module testing
  • Class AAA solar simulator with continuous 300–1200 nm Xenon spectrum
  • PERC, bifacial, frameless, custom dimensions… You can test them all
  • Compatible with module sizes up to 1.4 x 2.3 m²
  • Options: Electrical safety measurement, bypass diode test

Solar simulation

With the AAA classification, continuous 300–1200 nm Xenon spectrum and Pmax repeatability of less than 0.1%, the measurements are highly reliable. High-efficiency PV technologies, such as nPERT and nPERC, are reliably measured with the trusted Capacitance Compensation (CAC) method which was published at the 35th EU PVSEC 2018 conference and has swiftly started to be adopted by the industry.


High-quality EL images are acquired within seconds by a static camera setup. The EL image is captured after I-V measurement without any additional work required by the operator.

optional features

The system can be equipped with capabilities for temperature coefficient, Hipot, and bypass diode measurements. Further customization is available on request.

Key characteristics


QuickSun 820AQuickSun 830A
Module dimensions115 cm x 210 cm140 cm x 230 cm
Measurement time< 5 seconds< 5 secondsTypical, including I-V measurement and EL inspection
Cycle time30 seconds30 seconds
ContactingManual contacting to module cablesOther options available on request
Total dimensions, weight465 cm x 240 cm x 250 cm555 cm x 250 cm x 270 cmOther options available on request
Operation temperature15 – 35 °C

Solar simulator

Pmp repeatabilityStandard deviation < 0.1 %
Irradiance non-uniformityClass A, < ± 2%
SpectrumClass A, < ± 25%
Long-term instability (LTI)Class A, < ± 2%
Flash tube lifetime200 000 measurements (average)
Bifacial measurementSingle-side or both sides separatelyAcc. IEC TS 60904-1-2:2019
High-capacitance modulesCapacitive effects eliminated with the Capacitance Compensation (CAC) methodAcc. IEC 60904-1:2020,
IEC TS 60904-14:2020
Irradiance control200 – 1200 W/m²Resolution 1 W/m²
Voltage measurement1 – 100 V (other scales on request)Accuracy better than ±0.2 %
Current measurement0.5 – 25 A (other scales on request)Accuracy better than ±0.2 %
Voltage sweepIsc -> Voc, Voc -> IscCapacitance Compensation (CAC) method

EL inspection

Image resolution20 MP / 400 µm per pixelHigher resolutions on request
Measurement time1 – 5 secondsTypical, depends on cell type
Current range0 – 20 AFreely adjustable
Automatic defect detectionAvailable on request


Temperature coefficient measurementFrom room temperature to RT + 15 °C
Hipot testUp to 6.5 kV0.1 nA sensitivity
Ground continuity55 mA test current
Bypass diode testIEC 61215-2 Functionality test