By launching a novel all-in-one tool for the final testing of photovoltaic modules, innovative PV testing technology company Endeas has provided an answer for companies wishing to drive down module manufacturing costs. The QuickSun 600 is the first product to include, in a single machine, class A+A+A+ solar simulator; electroluminescence and visual inspection; and insulation resistance, ground bond and bypass diode tests. Despite this impressive collection of tests, a single tool can process 150 modules per hour, allowing it to meet the ever-increasing throughput requirements of new production lines.

In addition to precisely measuring the power output of PV modules, the QuickSun 600 enables PV module manufacturers to inspect modules for a comprehensive set of defects automatically. “Combining all tests into a single tool makes the QuickSun 600 competitively priced compared to the cost of many separate machines, while ensuring the reliability of test results. The QuickSun 600 enables our customers to make significant savings on operation and maintenance costs of testing equipment and dramatically decrease the factory footprint required for final testing,” says Jaakko Hyvärinen, managing director of Endeas.

Endeas has supplied 550 solar simulators to the PV industry during its 17 years of experience. This has enabled the company to develop extremely precise and robust solar simulator and I-V measurement technology. For the past five years, Endeas has provided fully automatic tools with electroluminescence inspection, insulation resistance and ground bond tests integrated into solar simulators. The QuickSun 600 tool was developed based on this expertise. Its inclusion of visual inspection and bypass diode testing has made it a fully comprehensive tool for final inspection of modules. “We believe that this tool has finally enabled even the most quality-conscious manufacturers to completely automate the final inspection of modules. This will not only allow our customers to save costs but also to improve module quality by removing the possibility of human error and inconsistency when inspecting modules,” comments Antti Tolvanen, Endeas’ technology manager.

Endeas will be presenting the new QuickSun 600 tool at the SNEC trade fair in Shanghai next week and at Intersolar Europe in Munich in June.

For more information on the QuickSun 600, please contact the managing director of Endeas, Jaakko Hyvärinen, at or on +358 10 219 0912.

About Endeas
Endeas Oy has been providing innovative testing technology to the PV industry since 2001. The company satisfies the needs of their customers with precise, dependable and easily operated equipment and expert support based on a profound understanding of photovoltaics measurement technology. The reliability of their solutions has been proven by more than 550 systems delivered worldwide.

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