Driving PV industry forward

We are continuously innovating new ways to improve our products and technology. For us this means not only better measurements, but analyzing the data and developing both our customers’ product quality and productivity further. In the long run, this works towards lower Levelized Cost Of Energy.

All-in-one testing system

In QuickSun products all key measurements − Flasher/IV, EL, Hipot, Optical inspection, Bypass diode test − are integrated as one unit. Our all-in-one solutions perform all measurements within the fastest production line cycle time maximizing productivity. In addition, valuable floor space and labor costs are saved, and maintenance is simplified.

High efficiency flash testing

Accurate flash testing of highest efficiency PV modules (HJT, TOPCon, IBC, PERC) with Capacitance Compensation method (CAC). This allows reliable power measurement during a single flash minimizing cycle time. Additionally, flash pulse can be optimized providing extended flash tube lifetime.

optical inspection

Optical Inspection automates the process of visually inspecting
PV modules at various stages of module assembly. The high resolution images and powerful software outperform manual inspection in accuracy, consistency, speed, and cost. In additional, statistical process control can be used more efficiently.

Ease of use

Our products include many features that make their use and maintenance extremely easy and simple.

Read about the features that make working with QuickSun 650 effortless.

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