Optical inspection

maximize quality and improve production

Advantages of QuickSun AOI

  • Higher product quality: Let no visual defect go unnoticed.
  • Higher productivity: Let visiting station operators inspect modules faster.
  • Uniform product quality: Exactly the same criteria for visual defects across production lines and quality assurance operators.
  • Ease of use: No parameter tuning. Just define the acceptance criteria.

Optical inspection as an integral part of module assembly

QuickSun Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) system automates the process of visually inspecting photovoltaic modules at various stages of module assembly. The high resolution imaging and powerful deep learning based software outperform manual inspection in inspection accuracy, consistency, speed, and cost. AOI at multiple stages in the assembly line enable early detection of faulty modules and identification of processing steps causing defects. Final product AOI enables consistent, superior product quality while saving manual labour.

Manufacturing cost savings

When installed after lamination, QuickSun Vision can detect incorrectly laid up cells, foreign objects, and other defects. This enables sorting out defective modules and reducing wasting of raw material. AOI for finished products automates the most time-consuming final inspection tasks, enabling immediate cost reduction in manpower. Furthermore, consistent product quality can be maintained regardless from which production site or QA operator each module is, minimizing warranty claims and reputational risk.

Inspection capabilities

  • Cell and cross connector positioning and spacing
  • Foreign objects, contamination or markings on laminate
  • Broken cells or missing cell pieces
  • Misaligned ribbons or wire defects
  • Bubbles or other lamination errors
  • Dirt on glass
  • External module dimensions and frame straightness
  • Barcode label positioning and content

Integration option

The QuickSun Vision AOI station inspects modules as they pass through the contactless station at a standard production line speed. The system can be retrofitted on any production line with minimal changes needed to the line layout. The station is typically installed after lamination, or at the end of the line – or both for maximum value. Occupying only 30 centimeters of factory floor in production line direction and operating at conveying speed, the system is the smallest and fastest comprehensive PV module AOI tool on the market.

The QuickSun 650 All-in-One module testing station can be fully integrated with internal QuickSun Vision. A single station can automatically inspect 150 modules per hour. The comprehensive inspection capabilities include class A+A+A+ flash tester, EL inspection, hipot, ground continuity, bypass diode test, and the QuickSun Vision AOI. Keeping up with the cycle time of the fastest module production lines, the tool can replace three or more machines and operators in a retrofit. QuickSun 650 simultaneously enables significant product quality improvements and production cost savings.