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To advanced PV module manufacturing and development

Endeas designs, develops and manufactures innovative testing technologies for the photovoltaics industry. With our profound understanding of photovoltaics measurement technology, we support solar panel manufacturers in their quest of reaching new levels of measurement stability and reliability.

What makes us special

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Our unique all-in-one concept saves both factory space and operating costs. Our testing systems can measure even the largest PV modules in the industry.

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We find practical solutions to solve even the most difficult challenges e.g. by combining optimal length flash pulse with Capacitance Compensation method.

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We evaluate module quality from all angles to ensure uniform quality. This ensures the best possible experience for your customers.

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Our all-in-one solutions perform all measurements within the fastest production line cycle time.

Improving PV module testing processes and manufacturing productivity

Our unique all-in-one testing concept combines I-V measurement, EL inspection, electrical safety testing, optical analysis and bypass diode test in one compact system. This enables superior productivity both on the production line and in the laboratory by saving valuable floor space and reducing module handling and labor time. Our fully automated all-in-one production systems comply with the highest throughput requirements.

Featured products

Production line

QuickSun® 650

Solar simulator for production lines

Automated All-in-One testing station for PV module production lines


QuickSun® 650Lab

Solar simulator designed for laboratories

High productivity All-in-One testing station for PV laboratories


QuickSun 550Ei

Sunny side up solar simulator for special projects

Customizable flash tester for BIPV and VIPV modules


QuickSun Vision

Automated optical inspection tool for production lines

Automated Optical Inspection for PV module manufacturing

Innovative testing technology to the photovoltaics industry since 2001

Our solutions’ ability to take PV module development further is proven by over 550 QuickSun® systems delivered worldwide. By helping our customers do better business we enable future-proof, more sustainable ways to produce energy and to make the world a little better place.

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Endeas Oy appoints new Managing Director

Endeas Oy has appointed Antti Tolvanen as of 1.1.2022 as new Managing Director. The founder and former Managing Director, Jaakko Hyvärinen, is partly retiring from…

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