Keeping your equipment in perfect condition

Contact us to discuss various options to service your QuickSun equipment and availability of product upgrades.


Measurement instruments require constant care. Regular calibration is a way to make sure PV modules are tested accurately. Please ask for more information to get your QuickSun measurement equipment calibrated.

Spare parts

Whether you are in need of new flash tubes or a replacement conveyor belt, we’ve got you covered. Please also ask about product improvements. We recently launched a new, super durable flash tube.

onsite consultation & simulator classification

If you have issues with module testing, or you just want to improve production flow and reliability, contact us. We can perform onsite assessment of your needs and recommend improvements.

We also have the tools to qualify solar simulator performance according to IEC 60904-9 Ed.3.

software update

We constantly improve our products and software. Ask for our latest developments, if a software update would bring you improved productivity.

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