QuickSun solar simulators

with all-in-one measurements

We provide innovative testing solutions for PV module mass production, research and quality assurance. Our solar simulators meet the A+A+A+ requirements of IEC 60904-9 Ed.3. They are also designed to improve productivity and reduce cost of ownership.

Solar simulators for PV production lines

Fully automated QuickSun solar simulator solutions offer high throughput and long operator free uptime. This leads to maximized productivity and reduced cost of ownership.

All of our production line models are All-in-One compatible.

QuickSun 600

A compact class A+A+A+ solar simulator with optional All-in-One testing. Excellent performance and high through-put to maximize productivity.

Automated solar simulator for production lines

QuickSun 650

A fully automated solar simulator for PV module production lines. Accommodates PV modules up to 140 × 270 cm2. Has a throughput of over 150 modules per hour.

Automated optical inspection station for PV module production lines

QuickSun Vision

Automated Optical Inspection for PV module assembly lines. Designed to enhance product quality and reduce production costs.

Solar simulators for PV laboratories

Our manually operated solutions are ideal choice for R&D laboratories, quality assurance in PV factories and module certification.

All-in-One design boosts productivity and saves valuable floor space.

Manually operated solar simulator for laboratories

QuickSun 650Lab

Easy-to-operate solution for laboratories which accommodates modules up to 140 x 270 cm2. All-in-One technology enables all key measurements with minimal module handling.

QuickSun 600lab

Compact and easy to use class A+A+A+ All-in-One solar simulator for laboratories and QA. Integrated additional tests to streamline testing processes.

Table top solar simulator for mini-modules and PV cells

QuickSun 130E

A compact solution for mini-module and cell testing. Manually operated table top system designed for the needs of laboratories and R&D.

Customized solutions

Our flashing system is easy to adopt to any PV module size. It can even be optimized for various shapes of curved modules.

Tell us about your application and we’ll find an optimal solution.

customizable solar simulator for special projects

QuickSun 550Ei

A solar simulator with customizable test area which can be optimized for jumbo modules and curved surfaces, such as VIPV and BIPV products.

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