Key to advanced module testing

A unique feature of the QuickSun module testing systems is that a single machine can be perform multiple different tests on a module, where normally several pieces of equipment would be needed. A flasher performs the I-V test, and simultaneously EL inspection, optical inspection, electrical safety tests, and bypass diode testing are conducted in the same machine. All this is done within the normal cycle time of an advanced PV production line. That’s why our products are called All-in-One testing systems.

benefits of all-in-one

Factory floor space savings

When a single machine can replace several pieces of equipment, considerable savings in factory floor space are achieve

This makes it possible to update existing production lines with greatly expanded testing capabilities, when a flasher can be replaced with an all-in-one testing solution.

Less operators

Operating a single system instead of several frees operators to do more productive work. Automatic image inspection helps reduce the need for operator intervention, and fully automatic module contacting can eliminate the need for constant operator attention.

High productivity

Even though several tests need to be performed in a single machine, QuickSun All-in-One module testing systems can keep up with the demands on advanced production lines. The tests are organized so that the cycle time is not compromised.

Efficient maintenance

Training maintenance personnel is straightforward when there is just one machine to train on. Many of the maintenance tasks are also automated, for example, irradiance non-uniformity measurements.

lower lcoe

When all of the above is taken into consideration, All-in-One testing systems improve your productivity and make efficient use of available resources. This increases your competitiveness, and leads to lower Levelized Cost Of Energy down the value chain.

All-in-one products

Production line

QuickSun® 650

Automated All-in-One testing station for PV module production lines


QuickSun® 650Lab

High productivity All-in-One testing station for PV module laboratories


QuickSun 550Ei

Customizable flash tester for BIPV and VIPV modules