QuickSun 650Lab

Solar flasher for Pv laboratories

solar flasher

precision and reliability, meeting the strictest industry standards

Introducing the revolutionary QuickSun 650Lab, a groundbreaking solar flasher that not only sets a new standard but establishes an entirely new class for PV module laboratories – the exceptional Class A+A+A+ solar flasher. Redefining industry norms, this state-of-the-art equipment can be equipped with high-resolution EL inspection capabilities, making it a versatile and indispensable addition to your testing arsenal.

Despite its unparalleled capabilities, the QuickSun 650Lab maintains a remarkably compact footprint, comparable to the most streamlined solar simulators or EL inspection tools on the market. What sets it apart is the remarkable fusion of both functionalities within a single system. It seamlessly integrates the best of solar simulation and EL inspection, eliminating the need for multiple tools and enhancing the efficiency of your testing processes.

With QuickSun 650Lab, the testing process becomes effortless. Simply place your module, connect the cables, and witness the magic unfold. In a matter of seconds, the system not only provides detailed I-V characteristics but also captures high-resolution EL images, offering a comprehensive snapshot of your module’s performance. The results are not just swift but are also ready for automatic reporting or further in-depth analysis, marking a significant leap forward in solar testing capabilities for laboratories. Experience innovation that goes beyond expectations – QuickSun 650Lab, where efficiency meets excellence in solar testing.

  • Class A+A+A+ solar simulator with continuous spectrum
  • Top class I-V measurement and EL inspection in single machine
  • Superior productivity with minimal manual labor
  • Ready for high efficiency technologies – HJT, IBC, TOPCon
  • Compatible with modules up to 270 cm x 140 cm

Solar flasher

Unlock unparalleled precision with our A+A+A+ classified solar simulators. Boasting a continuous 300–1200 nm spectrum and Pmax repeatability of less than 0.1%, our measurements are the epitome of accuracy and reliability. Specifically designed for high-efficiency PV technologies like HJT and TOPCon, our trusted Capacitance Compensation (CAC) method ensures accurate measurements, aligning seamlessly with IEC standards 60904-1 and 60904-14. Embrace industry-approved technology that’s rapidly becoming the benchmark for accuracy in solar measurement. Elevate your standards with a solar simulator that delivers exceptional results, trusted by leading innovators in the field.


Effortlessly attain superior EL images with our seamlessly integrated camera setup. Our system automatically captures images right after I-V measurement, streamlining the process and eliminating extra machines and tasks for the operator. Experience efficiency and precision combined for a smoother workflow.

Electrical safety and bypass diode testing

Equip your setup for thorough testing with features such as bypass diode testing, ensuring the integrity of your solar panel’s internal protection mechanisms. Conduct Hipot and insulation resistance testing seamlessly, providing critical insights into insulation resistance and high-voltage performance. Additionally, streamline your operations with ground continuity measurement, ensuring the robustness of your system’s electrical connections. Elevate your testing capabilities and achieve unparalleled reliability with our integrated solutions

Key characteristics


Module loadingHorizontal landscape
Module dimensionsMaximum 140 cm x 270 cmQuickly adjustable to smaller sizes
Measurement time< 5 secondsTypical, for I-V and EL
ContactingManual contacting to module cablesOther options available on request

Solar flasher

RepeatabilityStandard deviation < 0.1 %
IEC 90604-9 Ed.3 Class A+A+A+
Flash tube lifetime> 750 000
High eff. modulesCapacitance Compensation (CAC) methodHJT, TOPCon, IBC etc.
Measurement scales1–100 V & 0.5-25 A (other scales on request)Accuracy < ±0.2 %
Voltage sweepIsc -> Voc, Voc -> IscDuring single flash


EL imaging200 µm per pixelOther resolution on request
Bypass diode testFunctionality testAcc. IEC 61215-2
Electrical safety testsHipot & Ground continuityReal values measured
Temperature coefficient measurementSoftwareInternal heating to RT + 15 °C