QuickSun 600lab

PV module Testing for laboratories

High capacity and precise PV module testing

The QuickSun 600Lab is a class A+A+A+ solar simulator for laboratories and manual PV module inspection. Thanks to the sophisticated IV measurement instrumentation and ease-of-use, QuickSun 600 is a go-to tool for R&D and quality assurance.

The device is compatible with Endeas All-in-One technology. This means that besides I-V testing, the system performs EL imaging, bypass diode test and electrical safety testing. All tests in a single machine increases testing process efficiency by eliminating unnecessary module handling.

  • Class A+A+A+ solar simulator
  • All-in-One testing to enhance testing laboratory testing process
  • Accurate results for the high efficiency modules
  • Modules sizes up to 265 cm x 137 cm

Sun flasher

The QuickSun 600Lab solar simulators attain A+A+A+ classification per IEC 60904-9 Ed.3. Exceptional measurement stability ensures power measurement repeatability below 0.1%, offering optimal value for manufactured modules and high-quality data for product development and Industry 4.0 process control. Even high-efficiency HJT, TOPCon, IBC, and similar modules are accurately measured using optimized flash pulse length and our proprietary Capacitance Compensation (CAC) method.

EL imaging and Bypass Diode Test

Easily achieve exceptional EL images with our seamlessly integrated camera setup. Our system automatically captures images immediately after I-V measurement, simplifying the process and removing the need for additional machines or tasks for the operator. Enjoy enhanced efficiency and precision for a seamless workflow experience.

Electrical Safety

QuickSun 600Lab has the capability to perform hipot and ground continuity testing. The actual leakage current is measured with a sensitive enough instrument that enables a run-time diagnosis of both contacting reliability and real module leakage characteristics.

Key characteristics


Module loadingManualLEL or SEL
Module dimensionsMaximum 137 cm x 265 cmEasily adjustable to smaller sizes
Measurement time<10 secondsWith All-in-One testing
ContactingManual to module cables

Solar simulator

RepeatabilityStandard deviation < 0.1 %
IEC 90604-9 Ed.3 Class A+A+A+
Flash tube lifetime750 000 measurements (average)
High eff. modulesCapacitance Compensation (CAC) methodHJT, TOPCon, IBC etc.
Measurement scales1–100 V & 0.5-25 A (other scales on request)Accuracy < ±0.2 %
Voltage sweepIsc -> Voc, Voc -> IscDuring single flash


EL Imaging250 µm per pixelDeep learning analysis on request
Bypass diode testFunctionality testAcc. IEC 61215-2
Electrical safety testsHipot & Ground continuityReal values measured
Optical inspectionAvailable on request