QuickSun Vision

Automated Optical inspection for PV module manufacturing

Automated Optical inspection for superior quality

The QuickSun Vision is a fully automated Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) station designed for PV module assembly lines. The system records an image of a solar module and sophisticated deep learning software looks for defects and finds out-of-specification dimensions. The results are used to classify or reject the inspected modules.

Implementing Automatic Optical Inspection to your production enhances the quality of your products and frees valuable manpower to be used for other critical tasks. Furthermore detecting faulty modules early in the manufacturing process reduce wasting of raw materials and enables the full capacity of production to be used for the manufacturing of top class modules.

  • Deep learning based analysis
  • Automated visual inspection
  • Identify defects early to reduce wasting of raw materials
  • Maintenance free
  • Compatible with modules sizes up to 140 cm x 270 cm

QuickSun integration of AOI to production lines with QuickSun Vision

Thanks to its compact size QuickSun Vision is easy to integrate between two conveyors even into existing production lines. Implementing AOI with QuickSun Vision at various stages during module assembly helps to detect and tackle arising issues early.

Pre-lamination defect detection is possible with contactless image acquisition of QuickSun Vision. This allows full laminator capacity to be used for producing high quality solar modules. Furthermore, performing post lamination AOI ensures proper function of the laminator and removes lamination error related defects. Lastly, inspection for visual defects performed before sorting ensures superior product quality for customers and minimizes losses due to warranty claims. QuickSun 650 All-in-One solar simulator can be equipped with the same automated visual inspection capabilities as QuickSun Vision.

Key characteristics


Module orientationShort-Side-Leading or Long-Side-Leading
Module dimensionsMaximum 140 cm x 270 cm
Cycle time15 seconds
Total dimensionsSSL: 185 cm (W) x 30 cm (D) x 130 cm (H)
LSL: 320 cm (W) x 30 cm (D) x 130 cm (H)

Image quality specification

Pixel resolution180 µm
Image sizeWith largest supported module 115 MPix

Detected Defects & Measured Dimensions

DefectsForeign objects
Markings on laminate
Lamination errors
Broken cells
Cell chips
DimensionsModule dimensions
Cell placement
String positioning
Cross connector positioning